Our simple, discreet and disposable item is envisioned to be used daily to protect users from embarrassing displays of wetness and to safeguard clothing from unsightly stains that are tough to wash out and can leave clothes ruined and useless. The product is basically a shield that lets users feel more confident and secure by alleviating their worries about underarm sweat. We see SECOS as being widely available at mass merchandisers, drug stores, grocery stores and online with other health and beauty aids like traditional deodorants and antiperspirants.

SECOS is designed as a hypoallergenic, self-adherent and ultra-absorbent pad that can be easily applied to clothing to protect against moisture, odor and stains. The single-use shields can be packaged in a multiple-count size cost-effectively, providing buyers a good value. When asked in a proprietary survey, 30% of consumers said they would consider learning more about them and trying them if such a product were available.
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